How to mix common ideas into compelling stories?

When we read novels, books, short stories, this thought often crosses our mind – How do they write so well – So imaginative, so creative, such a fantastic vocabulary, metaphors and all of the other admirable literary aspects that the book unfolds. Can only they create this kind of literary magic? Or even you can do it too? Well, converting the simplest ideas into compelling stories is an art, and we’ll give you some tips as to how to effectively mix common ideas into the most compelling, thrilling stories! Read on:

Story Telling

1. Look around:

Well, the idea behind most of the best-selling novels was drawn from something which the authors observed around them! So keep your eyes (and ears) open always! You never know who you’ll be sitting next to in the bus ride back home – the story of that person’s life may be enough to floor you. Now, this is an excellent opportunity to convert this common stranger’s life story into your story. So do it!

2. Get into the character:

Writing a story is similar to playing a role- you have to feel your character through and through. You won’t be able to churn out the right words for your story if you don’t feel what your lead character is feeling. So while you’re writing, completely forget yourself and immerse yourself in your character and watch how wonderfully words will flow from your mind through your pen onto the paper!


3. Explore the idea:

Don’t dismiss your common idea into the brackets of ‘common’! If it is common, you have the power to make it outrageous with your words! So break free from those barriers and stop labeling your idea inferior. You have to make the most of that tiny idea which has come into your brain and explore it to the best possible manner!

4. Push in emotions:

What are the emotions you or the people around you can relate to the most? Push these emotions in your story! Emotions do to the story what fuel does to fire – so add ample doses of emotions in your story. Humans are more drawn to stories where relatable emotions are the crux – make use of this fact. And don’t be apprehensive, as emotions are the what is going to make your story more likable.

Although writing is not everyone’s cup of tea- most people are wary when it comes to writing! But if you have been blessed with an inborn talent to write stuff which people love to read, make use of it!

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