Music Marketing

Music Marketing Tips and Ideas

1. Choose the Right Email Marketing Provider-

Before you begin to grow your email list, you need to have an email marketing provider. The top choice you have is Aweber and reason is that it is only $20 per month for only 500 subscribers which cheap and similar to 2 Netflix subscriptions. It has an excellent editor, and you can even create email campaigns quickly with less effort. It also allows you to have time-zone based email delivery so you can send the emails that are specific to gigs in a particular city. You can add attachments to your emails which is a good idea to give away free downloads of your melodies in exchange for an email address. It also has the right automation tools. For instance, if anyone clicks the “tour date” icon on your webpage, you can automatically send emails to them with a link to purchase the tickets to a show happening in their area. If you want to use Aweber a trial test, you can use it for 30 days and unsubscribe it if you do not like it.

Email Marketing

2. Increase the Signup Conversions as Its Limits Required Fields-

It is essential to ask for what you need as there are too many fields that can reduce the conversion rate for the mailing lists. In addition to that, asking for an email address, also consider asking for a phone number for text message marketing and even a zip code to identify the subscriber’s city within the unites states.

3. Ensure you Promote Your Mailing List on Your Website-

You can give a full-screen call to action with few apps like Sumome or stick a bar on top of your website that will ask the visitors to subscribe with hello bar.


4. Let Customers Subscribe at Checkout always-

By adding an opt-in, your checkbox to the website’s checkout can create a great way to gather the email from most of your loyal fans.

5. Add a Call-to-Action option to Your Facebook Page-

By adding a button on your facebook page to get your mailing list subscribers can even help you create a mailing list from your Facebook following. It can be done merely by clicking on the create call to action button on your Facebook cover photo, then create facebook-cta, after that select the sign-up from drop-down button options and select sign-up-facebook. After all that enter the URL to your mailing list and finally click create.


6. Collect the Emails from your Merch Table-

By adding a mailing list signup sheet to the merch table can be an excellent way to collect the emails from a new. The existing fans that are attending your music shows, it is compelling when powerful incentives like free song downloads accompany you. The best part about the tactic is that the people who are signing up will have already seen you live and when you send an email about the next show, they are very likely to come to that.

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